Millennials Revealed

This empowering guide helps businesses and organizations connect with the millennial generation, while helping millennials better understand themselves and their life goals.

Join motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur Tru Pettigrew for an enlightening exploration of the millennial generation—and the means of building connections with its members.

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Things that You will Learn from the Book

Millennials Revealed is unique in its approach to bridging the generation divide. While most books of this nature focus solely on the generation gap, Millennials Revealed identifies and addresses the generation gap, the culture gap and the often ignored expectation gaps that exist between millennials and their generational counterparts. This book not only identifies each of these gaps, but it takes the reader on a deep dive exploratory as to why they exist and how to solve them. Whether you’re a college, a corporation, a parent, or a millennial; Millennials Revealed will help you to strengthen, establish, or repair any relationship challenges you may be having with members of the millennial generation.

The Millennial Mindset

An enlightening exploration of the millennial generation—and the connections with its members.

Blueprint for businesses & organizations

How to connect with, engage, or employ members of the millennial generation.

Millennial Introspection

Revealing to millennials the necessary tools to fully understand their lives and their goals.

Millennial Expectations

Seven key concepts that define millennial expectations for themselves, their relationships, and their career endeavors.

Millennial Generation Influences

Uniquely diverse and multifaceted, millennials influence economic, political, and social realities in the world today.

Millennial Perspectives

Millennial perspectives directly from the mouths of millennials. Why and how they view the world differently than previous generations.

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The 7 Biggest Millennial Expectations Of Themselves & Your Organization

An inside look at the art of meeting and managing millennial expectations across all industries and disciplines.

Millennials Revealed serves two critical purposes: First, it provides a blueprint for businesses and organizations to connect with, engage, or employ members of the millennial generation. Second, it gives millennials themselves the necessary tools to fully understand their lives and their goals.

Using extensive research and incorporating many lively case studies, this guide relies upon seven key concepts that define millennial expectations for themselves, their relationships, and their career endeavors. Pettigrew conveniently describes these concepts as the “7 Cs,” walking readers through each one and its place in the millennial definition of success.

80 Million

Millennials in the US

170 Billion

Dollars In Annual Buying Power

75 %

Of The Global Workforce

75 %

Unwilling To Compromise Authenticity

Praises for the Book

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Millennials Revealed offers actionable insights and proven strategies to create cross-generational collaborative efforts that benefits everyone involved. It takes its readers on a guided tour of the seven biggest expectations of millennials and why those expectations exist. This guide helps businesses and organizations understand how to resonate with millennials in a more meaningful way, and it helps millennials understand how to define and achieve success in their respective careers and in life in a more purposeful way.

A Message from the Author

The timeline of generational shaping events that is shared in the book reveals eye-opening experiences that have forged the unique personality types of the different generations and the dynamics that exist between millennials and their generational counterparts.

Brands, organizations and parents alike, will garner actionable insights that will empower them with the information and knowledge necessary to build stronger, relevant, and more meaningful relationships with their millennial employees, members, and students.

Millennial readers will explore where and why certain expectations are more important to them than others. They will explore their specific character strengths and how to apply them. And they will gain a deeper understanding of how to properly manage their own expectations while ensuring that they appropriately meet the expectations of others as they enter and thrive in the workforce.

Millennials Revealed places a heavy emphasis on developing leadership skills en route to effectively measuring, managing and meeting expectations across generations.


Millennials Revealed Workshops

Millennials Revealed Workshops ™

Much like your organization, Tru recognizes the importance of inspiring, empowering and equipping our young adults to also be great leaders in pursuit of their dreams. In an effort to further inspire and empower this generation to chase and protect their dreams, Tru has crafted a blueprint for success for Millennials and any organization seeking to connect with them, in Millennials Revealed Workshops.

Colleges / Universities

Career Development workshop + Q&A session with Author & Millennial Empowerment Expert Tru Pettigrew, and a top Brand Executive from a Fortune 500 Company.

These workshops will educate, engage, entertain and empower students with real-world, practical information that can be applied right away. Students will gain access and exposure to business and industry thought leaders who will help inspire and guide career choices and decisions. Students, faculty and staff will gain deeper clarity on the biggest millennial expectations and how all stakeholders involved can better manage and meet those expectations.


This is the perfect opportunity for any millennial focused organization to provide insight and perspective with this audience on why and how your organization is a leader in your industry and should be among the top organizations in every millennials consideration set; in the marketplace and the workplace.

For organizations that are serious about strengthening your relationship with the largest and most influential generation in the world, this is a great way to do just that. Share your brand story, brand purpose, and brand vision with the attendees and immediately increase your awareness and brand equity. By showing your commitment to the betterment of their education and career opportunities, you can greatly impact your brand’s love and consideration among the current and future consumers, employees, and leaders of your organization.

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